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Vac Incubator Projects

The Vac incubator projects zkVM and RLNP2P are emerging initiatives that stem from Vac's deep research efforts. These projects are envisioned to eventually become separate Logos projects, benefiting from the support and resources of both the Deep Research and R&D Service Units within Vac. The incubator projects operate within Vac, leveraging the expertise and collaboration available to them.

The Vac incubator projects exemplify the dedication and innovation within Vac and the Logos collective, working towards the realisation of a network state that empowers individuals and fosters a more equitable and trustworthy digital society.


zkVM focuses on developing a general-purpose zero-knowledge virtual machine. It enables privacy-preserving computing, which holds significant importance for Logos.


RLNP2P centres around the application of RLN (Rate Limiting Nullifier) to peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. RLN plays a crucial role in providing denial-of-service (DoS) protection within otherwise permissionless and privacy-preserving network protocols. RLNP2P works closely with the PSE, collaborating to enhance and refine RLN for efficiency. By leveraging RLN, P2P protocols and applications can achieve economic, anonymous spam protection, contributing to a decentralised, sybil-resistant, and privacy-preserving communication channel.