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Vac R&D Service Units

Vac's R&D Service Units play a crucial role in supporting Logos projects within the Logos collective. In addition to providing expertise, resources, and technical guidance, they also develop software artefacts, such as nim-libp2p, which can be employed beyond Logos projects.

Token Economics

The Tokenomics R&D Service Unit is dedicated to designing custom tokens and crafting incentivisation strategies for Logos projects. Leveraging their expertise in decentralised economics and incentive design, the unit develops tailored token models that promote engagement and value creation. Through close collaboration with project teams, they ensure that the tokenomic frameworks align with project objectives while also incorporating the latest trends and best practices.

Distributed Systems Testing

The Distributed Systems Testing (DST) R&D Service Unit is responsible for developing distributed systems testing software, such as Wakurtosis. Their primary objective is to assist Logos projects in understanding the scaling behaviour of their nodes within larger networks. By conducting thorough regression testing, this unit helps identify potential bottlenecks and performance issues, ensuring the reliability and stability of the projects. Their expertise in distributed systems testing enables Logos projects to deliver scalable and resilient solutions that can withstand the demands of real-world decentralised applications.


The P2P R&D Service Unit is a vital part of Vac, specialising in peer-to-peer (P2P) technologies. They develop nim-libp2p, work on improving the libp2p gossipsub protocol, and assist projects with the integration of P2P network layers. This unit collaborates closely with Vac's deep research team to conduct research aimed at enhancing libp2p gossipsub. By focusing on advancing P2P technologies, they contribute to the overall improvement and efficiency of decentralised networks, enabling seamless decentralised communication for the Logos collective and beyond.

Applied Cryptography & ZK

The Applied Cryptography & ZK R&D Service Unit focuses on cryptographic solutions and zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs. They provide valuable assistance to Logos projects by offering expertise in employing ZK proofs and implementing cryptographic techniques. This unit specialises in areas such as employing noise protocol channels and other cryptographic-related aspects. By leveraging cutting-edge cryptographic technologies, they enhance the security, privacy, and trustworthiness of Logos projects, contributing to the overall integrity and resilience of the decentralised web ecosystem.